The Arovas Family, Scarsdale NY

 January 25, 2012

Dear Lloyd,
I want to thank you for your exceptional work designing and supervising the installation of our geothermal system and optimizing the overall energy performance of our renovated home. Now that we have been lviing in the house for close to a year, my awife and I are amazed at the improvements in energy efficiency, comfort, and ease of use. When we began our project, we had sincere doubts about what we could realistically accomplish with a leaky and inefficient house from the 1920's. Your approach to engineering the entire house for optimal performance, rather than focusing on only one system or trade in isolation, as well as your uncompromising attention to detail, has done wonders for the performance of our house. The post-construction energy audits shows that the house is almost 30% better than the current energy code for new construction. But even more importantly, every room in the house is now comfortable in both the summer and winter without the enormous cost that we incurred before the renovation.
Best of luck with your future projects.
The Arovas Family